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  • Una nuova idea di networkA new network idea

    tre marchi italiani d'eccellenza three excellence italian brand
  • Soluzioni per gli spazi interni ed esterniSolutions for indoor and outdoor environments

    tra design e tradizioneamong design and tradition
  • Passione per la materiaPassion for the matter

    Qualità e cura del prodottoQuality and product care


SUPERIORE is a new concept of integrated network among italian artisan enterprises that share a common background characterized by high standards and tradition.

They are realizing this by joining together each partner’s experience and high quality products and by creating a new project concept that sprouts from integrated and innovative solutions for both interior and outdoor environments.

Matter, interpreted as designing space, detail and knowledge, is the heart of SUPERIORE’s world. Wood and stone own a soul that needs to be understood and appraised at every single step of the production, from the selection of raw material to the final product. Appreciating this heritage is a philosophy and a professional vocation that derives from artisan mastery and defines the latest developments of contemporary design.

This new project manifests the strong desire of matching designers and architects: materials, experience, technological research and customized consultancy.

Superiore is a meeting point for professions and excellences, a brand new comprehensive and innovative offer. Architects and designers find in SUPERIORE a unique, careful and qualified partner that can follow each step of their projects.


Testi manifactures natural stone and is among the leading companies of this sector. Testi boasts top collaborations with world-wide renowned architects and designers and represents a benchmark when high quality products for villas, yatches and luxury hotels are required.

Read online the catalogue Testi Group (login/password required)

Since 1926 Menotti Specchia’s name has been meaning product quality, excellence manifacture and service care. Every single step of the production, from the raw material to the final product, involves both industrial and manual work and the necessary resting periods are always respected.

Read online the catalogue Menotti Specchia (login/password required)

In 1968 art master Gianni Marchetti, using his family legacy made of wood knowledge, aesthetic understanding and originality, that are still nurtured with passion, founded his Mobilificio d’Arte Marchetti. The raw material, exclusively high quality wood, is selected, aged and treated as “lead actor” with the aim of reaching an excellence product.

Read online the catalogues Marchetti Maison (login/password required)


Latest products

Our philosophy



Materials take shape thanks to skilled hands. Artisan care for every single detail.



We learnt throught our experience that the best solutions come from new ideas and cutting-edge technologies..



Since ever we offer a complete service that will follow every step of your project.



Wood and stone own a soul that needs to be understood and appraised. It is an ever-evolving passion.



Our artisan knowledge and industrial history meets the most innovative style tendencies to bring alive contemporary architecture dreams.



We work in Veneto, a region rich of heritage and tradition, but we think and move in an international, global context.